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Online Fitness and Nutrition Coaching for Busy Women


One-on-one personal training and nutrition coaching perfectly tailored to your busy hectic lifestyle. Receive a program that is specific to you and your needs, along with the accountability and support necessary to achieve your goals. My online program allows you to receive that personal service from anywhere in the world.



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Why Train with Amara Online?


Premium Coaching

One-on-one premium coaching that is focused on you and your specific needs and goals.

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Custom Tailored Program

A dynamic program that is fun and still fits to your specific goals and needs.


Results Driven

Cut out the guess work and work with me on a program that produces results.


Designed for Busy Women

Fit your fitness and health goals into your busy life and achieve goals anywhere in the world.


Support and Accountability

Direct access to me and a private Facebook group to seek support and be inspired.


Amara Hull Fitness App

Access to your personal tailored program, and a log to track your progress over time.


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Client Transformations


Andrea, 12 weeks 

"Before I had Amara as my trainer, I was lost in the gym and had no idea how to use certain equipment. I stuck to the same workout routine which included treadmill and leg machines for a whole month. I did not lose any weight at all, and it left me frustrated with no progress. I decided to hire Amara as my personal trainer. Amara has the unique ability to be the sweetest person, but also push me past my comfort zone. She took me under her wing and proceeded to transform my body into something I am so proud of. Her workouts and nutrition training helped me lose 23 pounds in just 12 weeks!

Not only has she helped me change my body, but I now have the knowledge to keep myself in shape and live a healthy lifestyle."    


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How it Works


ACCESS TO MEMBERS AREA AND PERSONALIZED APP:  You will have access to a private Facebook group for community support and inside tips; access to the Amara Hull Fitness App with a personal profile to log your progress where you can view your calendared training program with accompanying how-to videos; and direct access to me for any help or questions you may have.


QUESTIONNAIRE: First, you will be prompted to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire to help me understand a bit about you and what your goals are. We will then build a program to fit your specific needs and help you to achieve your particular goals.


INITIAL ASSESSMENT: This first assessment helps us get a baseline for your body composition, a bodyweight exercise fitness test, a series of measurements, and progress pictures. The assessment will serve as a helpful method of judging your progress later down the line and helps you maintain motivation levels.


TAILOR MADE TRAINING PROGRAM: You will receive the first part of your training program within three days of completing the initial assessment. We will periodically update your program so you can avoid plateau and keep motivated with new or modified exercises that still help you achieve your goal.


PERSONALIZED NUTRITION PLAN: You will receive the optimal nutrition plan that is set to help you achieve your specific goals. Depending on you and your goals the type of nutritional help will vary. Our goal is to design a nutrition plan you can sustain, that teaches you the real fundamentals of nutrition, which you can live by the rest of your life.


WEEKLY CHECK INS, PROGRAM UPDATES, AND 24/7 SUPPORT: I will check in regularly to answer your questions, keep you motivated and work closely with you to make changes and updates to plans to make sure we achieve your goals over time. You will also have 24/7 support from the private Facebook group, and from me via the Amara Hull Fitness App.


PROGRESS REVIEW EVERY 6 WEEKS : We will review your progress every six weeks with another bodyweight fitness test, new measurements, and progress pictures. There will also be another in depth review of your program to make any necessary adjustments and keep you on track.


THE FINISH LINE: Congratulations! You stuck to your plan and have reached a milestone that many people fail to achieve on their own: completing your fitness plan and transforming your body and mind. Go out in that dress you always wanted to fit back into, hit the beach with confidence, feel energized and healthy every day, set new goals, and inspire those around you!


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Is Training with Amara Right for You?


  • No time for exercise and eating healthy?

  • Can't commit to personal training or gym sessions because of a conflicting work/home schedule?

  • High pressure job, crazy home life, and high stress causing you to emotionally eat?

  • Difficult to stick to a fitness program because you lifestyle revolves around meeting everyone else's needs?

  • Feel low on energy a lot of the time, or get sick often?


I cannot guarantee your success, but I can take away the guesswork and the added stress of figuring everything out, so you can can have the time you need to focus on achieving your goals and still meet all of your daily obligations on time. You will have my constant support to become successful, learn what really matters to improve your health, and in turn, improve your life.               


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